You Can Now Have Your Dream Lunchroom – Oh the Possibilities!

As creative cafeteria consultants, we know how to work with existing institutional décor and all the political parameters that govern a school space like cafeterias, lunchrooms, gymnasium, library, media rooms, hallways, and main entrances. We have designed our products and services to make it easy to buy and implement a major makeover—with minor cost and hassle.

Hire us to do a custom design aligned with your specific school’s theme or objectives. If the budget is tight, use our Crystal ball Service with one of our do-it-yourself Themed Café Kits. Either way, you’ll get top-quality design and materials that you, your staff, and your school community at large will be proud of.

Custom Solutions

We do it all! A complete cost proposal for all products/services, color analysis, design boards to complete satisfaction.


Crystal Ball Service

See what your lunchroom “could” look like! You choose the signs and we will send computer-generated pictures of your “after” lunchroom.

What are Themed Cafe Kits?

Cost-effective do-it-yourself solution with high-quality signs and graphics

Add pizazz to your cafeteria, food service areas, and kitchens with professional signs and graphics. Your students and lunchroom staff will love their new environment … and might even boost participation, not to mention that your principal will be proud of his multi-purpose room.

Information Stations
Custom PaperHolders

Say goodbye to Scotch Tape! Our custom PaperHolders are the perfect high-quality solution to managing all the pertinent and compliant information you need to post on the wall.

Information Stations

Fun Shapes with Custom Headers

Tell ‘em What’s Cookin’

Say goodbye to boring whiteboards. Liven up your walls with Strong and durable LunchBoards to last for years. Our many shapes, colors, and patterns are sure to fit with your school’s overall design. Sizes come in 18″ and 24″ tall. These FunShape Boards easily mount to all surfaces. Sure to provide a quick and creative way to get your information out to students with a simple dry erase marker!

Station Signs / Line Signs 

Station Signs

Colorful Station Signs are sure to enhance any serving line and help traffic flow

Line Signs

Attractive Line Signs support good nutritional choices.

Our high-quality signs are lightweight, durable, washable, and fireproof. Custom colors and 8 shapes to choose from.