Custom Solutions

We Can Transform Virtually Any Space!

Complete Transformation

East Middle School in Plymouth, Michigan



You Can Have This in Your Lunch Room!

Do You See the Possibilities?


Imagine a space that inspires pride, elevates creativity, and motivates school spirit. Our custom solutions help your school bring all of these exciting possibilities to life. Your school and your imagination are at the heart of every design. 

School Colors & Mascot
School Logo & Graphics
School Goals & Values 


Our design solutions excite and engage students in Elementary, Middle School, Junior High, and High School Environments. We develop customized K-12 plans for branding a single school or an entire school system. 

Complete or Partial Customization
Customized Signs, Logos & Graphics
Cost-Saving DIY Installation Products 


Our custom designs transform even the most generic lunchroom into a space you love. We convert your ideas into high-impact graphics. We help you choose the most cost-efficient strategy for completing your makeover. 

Consultation & Proposal
Design Completion, Review & Revision
Project Implementation & Completion

We Work Within Your Budget

We understand that your school might not require a major design transformation.
That’s why we offer custom design solutions that meet your design specifications and your budget. 

Shippables, $0-5K

DIY Design services for a tight budget: Themed Kits, Danglers, Lunch Boards, Station Signs, etc. 

Custom Design Service, $5k - 25k

Proposal, Revisions, Completion, etc.

Full-Blown Custom Design, $25k & Above

Proposal, 3-Bid Process, Notice Compliance, School Board Notifications, etc.